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Augmented Reality

Augmented and Mixed reality (AR/XR) have been a part of Lusospace for more than 15 years – starting in 2005, when Lusospace developed a conceptual study of a Head Mounted Display (HMD) for astronauts in the International Space Station. This assignment by the European Space Agency (ESA) paved the way for Lusospace’s understanding of the future need for design and implementation of augmented reality solutions, first in the aerospace industry and later beyond.

Today, Lusospace has a team of specialized engineers that has been building AR/VR/XR solutions for the rising 4.0 Industry needs, and adding value to the aerospace sector with our specific knowledge in this area.

Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) activities is one of the key areas of AR/XR application in the aerospace sector, and one that Lusospace has been targeting in collaboration with ESA. Procedure following and authoring are activities that have been recognised as well suited for AR/XR and Lusospace has been successful at reducing the total time of AIT procedure execution by around 25% when using our proprietary software. In addition, users can create the procedures using an easy, intuitive and code free interface that they can then run in augmented reality.

Currently, the incorporation of artificial intelligence and image recognition techniques into the system is being addressed, to considerably reduce the number of human errors and amount of quality assurance effort.

Lusospace is also experienced in AR for concurrent engineering activities. In collaboration with ESA, the company is responsible for a real-time system to assist multidisciplinary design teams by enabling visualization and editing of design models using AR. The integration into the current IT infrastructure was critical for the solution’s success. Wearing AR smartglasses, concurrent engineering teams can visualize scaled 3D virtual models at the centre of the room, suggest changes and discuss different engineering solutions.


In 2013, Lusospace created LusoVU, a sister company dedicated exclusively to the development of AR products, including solutions for the consumer market. More information about these can be found in www.lusovu.com.