MTQ400 Demisable Magnetorquer

Lusospace’s MTQ400 magnetorquer is used for attitude and control purposes, including detumbling and stabilization of the medium/large size satellites and for reaction wheels unloading. The magnetorquer is a passive magnetic system that generates a magnetic field that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and provides a control torque that can be used by the spacecraft AOCS.


A key feature of Lusospace’s magnetorquer is being Demisable by design. Typically, the magnetic core of a magnetorquer above 3.5 kg tends to survive re-entry, mainly due to the shielding effect resulting from the spacecraft and the magnetorquer housing. To tackle the needs identified for demisability for this recurrent actuator, Lusospace developed a Demisable Magnetorquer solution.

The MTQ400 was developed for space applications up to a TRL 6 according to ECSS (ESA) and its design is free from any non-EU export restrictions. In particular, the MTQ400 is ITAR and EAR free.